Real Date Checked: Top 11 dating apps and sites in Singapore!

In 2023, it’s hard to live a day without surfing the internet, but it is not only used for work and entertainment.  You can actually use it to connect with hot singles around you. Particularly, if you want to get a date in Singapore then you need to visit these top 11 dating apps and sites.

How can we get this list? Well, it is all based on real reviews that we have gathered from users who have experienced these amazing dating services.

The List Of Most High-quality Dating Apps and Sites in Singapore:



This app offers many kinds of relationships to support people better in searching for the right target such as:

  • for professionals
  • for one-night-stand
  • for platonic 

… and more

Ladies on this app are surely bold and interesting so don’t be surprised if you happen to receive many interactions from them as soon as you start to use the app.

You can log in through FB so don’t need to waste time creating any profile but don’t forget to add your hottest pictures to attract the single hotties.

There are a lot more facts that you will be pleased to know about Bumble which you can check out through this review:


It’s new but it can end your single status within seconds. If you want to commit yourself to a long-term relationship then this app is for you.

Lovenn is not gonna give you any random targets like other apps. In fact, the system will search across the database to suggest the most suitable users for you.

One more thing is that the system helps two users to feel comfortable before the chat by starting the conversation by asking: What they like about the other person’s profile.

Lovenn has really covered the disadvantages that you will often find in other dating apps and you may find out more about it through this link:



This app attracts mostly European guys to look for single Singaporean girls, the majority of women here are from the age of 18 to 24.

You can use the filter to identify the age range, gender, and location you want, it is quite convenient to find singles near your living area.

Its “Play” feature is quite fun because you will be randomly given a profile, and you will have 2 options:

  • If you like that profile, you can connect with that person right away.
  • If you don’t, you can give them an “X” and move on with other profiles.

You need a complete profile before starting to browse so you should definitely need to impress them with your bio and pictures. Wanna know how? Let the professionals help you through this link:


It is not as popular as Tinder or Bumble, but Happn respects users’ personal info as well as their reason behind using dating apps.

They provide dating services that prevent fake or bot profiles, which keep these scammers away from real users.

You can choose to sign up with FB which only takes a few seconds or create your own profile from scratch.

It is free and easy to use but unfortunately, Happn is only available as an app so you cannot access it through computers.

There are many ways to connect with hot singles here which you can discuss through this link:

Lunch Actually

dating-sites-lunch- actually

This dating agency is well-known and used among Singaporeans, people here are into it because Lunch Actually demands people to be truthful and detailed about their profiles so that the matching process will be more accurate.

Another great news is that the amount of women here is higher than men so you are looking forward to getting arranged from 1 to 2 dates per month, thanks to the app.

The agency will try to support you on the first date, simply as a man, you will have to pay for the first date but if it turns out to be a failure, you can demand your money back.

The dating service also offers professional consultants who will be there to support you in case you have problems with flirting with girls here.

Lunch Actually creates a convenient solution for loners to meet each other and you can look through how this service works by visiting this specific review:


What people like about this dating site is that you can find your Asian lover here or you can meet up with many cool singles and make friends.

Paktor will only focus on matching you with a suitable stranger and help you to develop a date within less than a minute. 

The app is meant for everyone even if you are looking for a same-sex relationship. It is free to join and you can sign up with Facebook to save time.


One really special feature of Paktor is that you can send virtual gifts to profiles you like to attract their attention.

Check out how to get dates easily on Paktor with our detailed review here.


Meetup is a great place to find like-minded individuals. Whether you want new dates or are just looking for people who share your interests, Meetup has got it all! One of the most common categories on this platform is love and relationships. 

But aside from finding potential matches in that category, there’s also an option to join groups where you and many others can discuss sexual topics!

To make the most out of this process–and get even more suggestions for upcoming meetups that fit your interests–add a photo and describe why you joined in the first place! 

After adding optional information like those two things, choose topics or groups where you feel comfortable making requests. We recommend starting with three main ones so there will be plenty of options available as time goes on.

For more instructions to use this dating app effectively, you can check out this link:


If you want to meet a romantic match based on your personality type, then Esync is the dating app for you. Start by completing their comprehensive personality assessment and receive potential matches they think are compatible with your character traits.
Then schedule a one-on-one session over the phone or in person so that an expert can help plan out where to go during your first date!

The app allows you to exchange pictures with each other and moreover, you will find people here are really serious about looking for a mature and long-term relationship.

Esync has successfully created many happy endings for users, especially in Singapore. Check out their specific reviews through this link:


There are many options in the filter so you can choose and find your match easier such as:

  • Distant
  • Photo count
  • Age
  • User name
  • Newest first
  • Activity date
  • Match Picks

… and more.

Instead of sitting behind a screen, brings online dating offline by hosting events such as webinars and mixers to teach members strategies for successful dates in person.

The profiles show you the information quickly so that you can easily find what’s important to know about them at a glance. You also get their main photo, profile info, and photos in one section – all organized well for your convenience! 

If you want to see more pictures of someone across different galleries or albums on Facebook, however, just click on any picture they have available below where it’ll display larger and clearer than before too!!

You can also check out a detailed review of this dating site through the link:



Chinese Dating App, Tantan, has a lot of members from China. Despite having many Chinese-based users due to that fact; there are still enough worldwide users ( especially in Singapore ) for everyone to find their perfect match on the app!

You’ll never be bored in Tantan. You can send videos, photos, and audio messages to your new “friends” so you guys can create many topics to discuss and get to know each other!

Tantan also offers many unique features such as: By browsing the “Moments” tab, you can see posts that your matches have shared such as photos. There’s a quiz game available in the chat tab for you to get to know them more.

You can check out more tricks to use this app and get a date with hot and single Singaporean girls through this link:

11 Other hot dating services in Singapore: Tinder, Grindr, OkCupid…

We have already created articles that specifically review and show you how to take advantage of these popular apps and sites to get a girl or a boy for yourself.

_ Tinder is widely used among the young generation but they would prefer to find open relationships.

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_  Grindr: A famous dating platform for the LGBT+ community across Asia. 

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OkCupid: was established by a group of Harvard math majors. There are many multiple-choice questions on the site that help users find compatible partners based on their interests and preferences. 

It is not that difficult to find your Mr or Mrs. Right, is it? Since then we have plenty of professional dating apps and sites and millions of online users on those to choose from. Thank you for reading this article.

I hope that you will experience pleasant online and offline dates with people, you have found on these top 11 dating apps and sites for singles in Singapore.

In addition, you can look for beautiful Asian singles on the above apps and more here. Don’t miss it!