Tips to find Asian or Vietnamese girls on Onluxy Dating App with a low budget!

You have a lot of options when it comes to dating apps. But if you’re looking for something that is free, easy to use, and provides an opportunity to meet people from all over the world, then the Onluxy dating app might be perfect for you!  

Our full review of this popular dating application for Asians including Vietnamese singles will help you in finding your true love with Onluxy.

1. Can you find a Vietnamese girl on Onluxy dating app?

A. Who can use this Onluxy dating app?


For the young, single professionals in today’s fast-paced world.

Members on Onluxy are from 18 to 50+, so don’t worry about your age, it has never been a problem with this dating platform.

There are millions of single females and males, especially Asians across the globe with different ethnicity, culture, and personality, who are using the app to find love.

Moreover, features such as GPS location-enabled search, and filtering by age, gender, and even sexual orientation will make it easier for you to identify suitable targets. 

B. How the Onluxy dating app was created.

Onluxy is a new dating app online that caters specifically to singles living in Asia – and Vietnam is one of them. It was created by an industry professional who has been involved with social media marketing since 2012.

He found there were too many options on these apps and not enough filters, which made it impossible to find a match that was on the same page as you. 

2. How to download and use Onluxy dating app.

A. How to download the app.


Like other professional dating apps such as MillionaireMatch and EliteSingles, Onluxy is available on all major smartphones that run on iOS or Android operating systems, so finding a way to download it on your phone is easy! 

I’m here today to share some tips with you on how to download and use this app in order to avoid being scammed or catfished. Here are just a few pointers:

  • To protect your personal information, always use your Facebook account when registering. This will make sure that your personal information on Facebook will be safe and secure when you use this special free dating app.
  • This dating app is free, it uses advertisements to make money. If the ads are not relevant or helpful for their users then they can get quite annoying.  Luckily, Onluxy is trying its best to avoid showing these ads on your screen too often. So maybe you only need a few seconds to skip the ad while using the app. 

B. How to use Onluxy dating apps in order to find someone special.

So now that we’ve gone over how easy it is to download Onluxy on both iPhone and Android devices, let’s go over how exactly to use Onluxy on your phone. 

All you have to do is swipe left on a person if you’re not interested and swipe right on the ones that catch your eye! 

The people who match with you will be shown on your ‘Onluxy’ list so all it takes is one click to start sending messages or chatting!

Using the app is simple and quick. Once it loads up into your phone, simply put in any search criteria desired – ethnicity, gender preference, age range, etc – and then just wait for matches to come through!

3. Why you should use Onluxy dating app for Asians in Vietnam:

Onluxy is a great way to meet Vietnamese women! Onluxy has a large number of members, so you are likely to find someone perfect for you. Onluxy already has over 100 million users including many beautiful women from Vietnam! 


A. These are some tips to start a conservation with a Vietnamese girl:

  • Approach her.

 Approach the girl you want to talk to and say hello. Tell her your name and ask for hers. You need to keep it simple. A sincere, polite greeting will beat the cheesy flirtation.

In all situations, you should try to use a straightforward introduction. 

For example: “Hello, my name is Bao. What’s your name?”

  • Ask about her. 

Politely asking about a girl’s date or feelings is a great way to get her to talk. At the same time, it will also leave a good impression as it shows that you sincerely care about her and are willing to listen to her.

Here are examples:

  1. A simple question: “How are you today?” will never fail. 

You should remember to listen to her answer, you don’t have to use flowery questions!

  1. Ask questions like: “How was your day? Did you do anything fun?”.

 It will prompt her to provide a one-word answer and give you a chance to brag about your excellent listening skills.

  • Talk about popular culture. 

By determining what kind of movie or music a girl likes, you can gain insight into what kind of person she is and what her interests are. This valuable information will help you plan a great date in the future with a Vietnamese girl!

Here are some examples:

  1. For a TV show, 

you could ask her “Would you like to watch Brand Face? Which contestant is your favorite?”.

  1. For music, 

you can ask “Have you heard Daft Punk’s new album? What do you think?

NOTE*: If you want the conservation is continuing and set up a serious relationship, let’s follow these steps:

  • Ask an interesting question. 

Asking her unusual or thought-provoking questions will help clear the air of apprehension and allow her to speak her mind. 

It will give her a chance to expose herself while helping you make a good impression by asking interesting questions in the first place.

  1. Try asking questions like “If you could be an animal, what animal would you be?”.
  2. Or something like “What are the five places you most want to visit before you die?”.
  3. Or maybe “Have you ever thought about skydiving?”.
  • Mention common interests. 

Discovering that you both have common interests is a golden rule in conversation and will help you establish a bond with her. 

  1. If you discover that you both love to run, 

you could ask: “Ask her about her favorite route in the area”, or “If she’s ever thought about training for a cross country race or not.”

  1. If you both enjoy reading, 

you could ask about: “Her favorite author” or “Her thoughts on the recent movie adaptation of a popular novel.”

  1. If it’s about a rather odd topic, 

you can ask her: “Why did she get involved in it in the first place and compare the story!”

  • Ask a personal question. 

If things are going pretty well and the two of you seem to be getting pretty close, it might be time to get a little more intimate. 

Don’t ask her anything that you don’t feel comfortable answering yourself.
For example:

  1. What are you looking for in an ideal boyfriend?
  2. Did you have a great day at work?
  3. Do you want to watch this series together?
  4. Is there any place you want to visit after the pandemic?
  • Stay positive! 

You should let her decide if she wants to answer seriously or lightly.

Try to inquire about her family, starting with something simple and non-intrusive like “Do you have siblings?”.

If you want to find out if she’s still single, just ask, “Are you dating anyone right now?”.

Hope these steps are useful to you!

B. The benefits that the Onluxy app delivers to users


The Onluxy which is an Asian dating site is best for serious relationships. With features such as: “GPS location enabled search”, “filter by age”, “gender search” and even “sexual orientation”. Specifically:

  • It uses Facebook profile information in order to verify each user’s identity, which makes it possible to filter out any fake profiles before they even become an issue later down the road. 
  • Onluxy dating app only shows users within 60 miles of their location, making it easier than ever to find love nearby.
  • Onluxy lets you browse potential matches by country; automatically removes anyone, not from your country. 
  • It also filters out anyone without photos; shows only those within 10km of your location.
  • The app narrows down these people to those on the same campus, then filters out anyone who doesn’t share your interests. 
  • And you can search by language spoken or favorite music and movies.
  • On average you can chat with up to 20 people every day on the website which is free of charge. It is the dating site that has the highest success rate although it is free.

4. Some aspects of the Onluxy app need to be improved.

It’s been a great year for Onluxy. The company has grown by leaps and bounds, doubled its workforce, and opened up three new offices in different countries. But there are challenges to face too.

  • Firstly, Onluxy is experiencing an unprecedented level of customer complaints about ads appearing on their feeds. 
  • For another thing, when they use it to take pictures of themselves, they come out blurry. Then when they switch back to take pictures of others, they’re clear as day– not cool at all! 

5. Is Onluxy dating app for Vietnamese have a fee, and what it provides:

– Onluxy dating app has a fee-per-month plan for more chats with other people. Onluxy’s primary features are free, but there is a paid version that offers unlimited access.
 If you want extra services like: 

  • sending messages and unlimited 
  • live video chats  
  • then cost $29.90 / monthly service fee. 

6. For LGBT+ users on Onluxy dating app:

Onluxy dating apps are able to LGBT+ people looking for love. Onluxy is a #gayfriendly dating app that helps them find their true love online. Onluxy has a huge pool of users worldwide, once you’re registered it will be easier to get connected with your dream partner easily!

7. The reaction of customers who use the Onluxy dating app.

Don’t think that you should just take our word for it! We’re happy to share some real customer experiences on this dating site:

 “It works exactly as advertised and helped me find someone special in no time at all!” says one satisfied reviewer on Google Play Store. 

Another reviewer on Facebook wrote, “This app is so much fun! My friend recommended it to me after she had been on here for a while and suggested we check out each others’ profiles. Now we are both seeing people who are on the same wavelength as us.” 

Moreover, this app has a high amount of 5* on users’ appreciation, so it will become a reliable dating app for someone who has used a dating app for the first time.


If you’re a Vietnamese looking for love, the Onluxy dating app is the perfect solution but if you don’t feel like using it, we have other options. We have an active and growing community of members from all over Vietnam who are eager to find someone special in their lives. 

Whether it’s finding a date for this weekend, long-term relationships, or even marriage – Onluxy online app got what it takes! Thank you for reading our article and feel free to look over other similar posts as well.