How to use millionaire dating site: Tips to conquer Asian and Vietnamese girls

In Vietnam, one of the most popular dating apps is MillionaireMatch. If you’re looking for rich lovers or just want to have some fun with a fancy date, you should give this app a try! Can a Vietnamese date a millionaire? Yes, they can! Plenty of men on these sites have high incomes and would be more than happy to take out an attractive woman like yourself on an extravagant date. 

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find someone who will sweep you off your feet today!

MillionaireMatch makes love easier to reach


1. Is it difficult for a Vietnamese woman to date a millionaire?

There are thousands of millionaires living in Vietnam, both foreign and native but not everyone can easily interact with them due to limitations on their business or social relationships, you can only be able to connect with them thanks to these free online dating sites.

Plus during the covid time, you won’t be able to meet any rich men on the streets so what would be a better way to get your chance with them? Maybe through the MillionaireMatch dating service. 

2. What does a millionaire want in his or her partner?

It might not be easy to believe, but looks really do matter. The way you dress, the shape of your body & posture all play a role when trying to get into a relationship with someone who has as much money as they have.

  • Always appear with an elegant status 

First of all, as a millionaire on a dating site, for a date with the highest success rate I wouldn’t take you out on a date if your face is ruined because of greasy hair or oily skin. You can’t consider yourself beautiful if you don’t take care of your hair, skin, and clothes

  • Be fashionable

Second, there’s more to dressing for success than just putting on the most expensive clothes you can find. Millionaires are very picky about their clothing.


What is the best material to wear so millionaires will notice me? That’s a question many people ask when they meet with this distinctive group of consumers.

  • Choose clothes from famous brands 

Blending in with the current trends is important, you may need to choose clothing items from well-known brands such as Chanel, Gucci, LV… Why?  Because it proves that your financial situation is stable.

  • Show that you have a good aesthetic in fashion

You may not be able to afford those brands, luckily, we have another solution for you. You can update the fashion trends and mix your clothes to look expensive and fancy in your photos. The clothes don’t need to be expensive and they have to possess a high-fashion vibe.

  • The last tip

No matter what kind of fashion you follow, your clothes should always be clean and nice looking. 

This not only includes the way they look but also how they smell as well! 

Always behave in manners 

Thirdly, Remember that your appearance matters, but the way you carry yourself is also important. Try to behave elegantly and stand straight at all times; don’t act as if you were on a construction site with no manners.

Be organized 

Being organized as well as being punctual is another thing that millionaires look for as it is their way of ensuring that the woman is not only capable to serve them but also can be perfect as a partner as well as an asset in the future.

Always be supportive 

Being supportive as well as understanding is also one of the most important traits that millionaires look for as they are always finding ways to be sure that their partners are happy as well as satisfied with their relationship.

Be a good listener 

Patience, as well as willingness to listen to his problems, is also another thing that millionaires look for as it is an assurance as well as proof that the woman will be perfect as a partner as well as an asset in the future.

Present yourself as a strong, independent woman who values herself and knows that you deserve the best from your millionaire date.

The benefits that MillionaireMatch brings 


We all know the best dating sites are those that connect you with wealthy singles, but what makes so different from Onluxy & EliteSingles

  • It offers an advanced search specification that allows users to filter profiles based on age, location, and interests. 
  • The website is mobile-friendly allowing members to use their phone or tablet device while searching for matches in any part of the world. 
  • With rich features like Instant Messaging System & Chat Rooms alongside built-in private inboxes between two consenting adults, there’s enough transparency.
  • There are more than  7 million members available with high salaries, including Vietnamese hotties who are looking for their soulmates inside these free online chat rooms.
  • The millionaire club itself has different categories ranging from business, singles events, and cruises to sports and dating advice.
  • MillionaireMatch introduces a dating site that actually works and meets millionaire singles in your area making sure you meet someone with the right financial stability and interests without having to worry about any scams or frauds. 

With our free millionaire matchmaker service, your dreams of finding a wealthy partner can be realized much more easily than you ever thought possible!

This impressive millionaire website offers the most effective way to meet successful people from the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe as well as Asia. The most important feature of MillionaireMatch. The dating application is that it provides the opportunity for subscribers to communicate with each other most easily.

Some disadvantages of using the MillionaireMatch dating app 


Until this point, successful people still prefer more familiar apps such as Millionaire Match because it is believed that this Asian dating site is best for serious relationships. But you should know that this app has its disadvantages and most users don’t seem to be aware of them yet!

  • Can’t avoid the scammers

The first thing most members complain about is that they can meet scammers on the site even though it’s supposed to be a popular dating community. 

And not just regular everyday scammers, but famous ones such as “Nigerian Princes” who’ll ask for your bank account information so they can transfer money into your account. 

Luckily, MillionaireMatch can stop these types of people from using the site as soon as you report their information and ban them

  • Spam Messages Are There

Another major issue most MillionaireMatch dating app Vietnam members complain about is receiving spam messages from random contacts (usually those with a different name than their profile photo).

 It can be really annoying to keep getting messages like “Hey your eyes are beautiful” every day, especially when most of these men or women don’t even have a picture on their profile! 

The only solution we know for this problem is deleting all new friends and blocking some of them (if less than 10 first contacts). This method will make you feel better and reduce your daily messages.

You need to pay some fee to expand features for the MillionaireMatch dating app

Have you ever heard about millionairematch dating apps? For those who haven’t tried it, this most popular dating app in Vietnam might be a little bit confusing.


You need to pay some fee or buy credits on the most popular app MillionaireMatch if you want more chances of meeting someone who is your type (and hot). Besides extending features which include: 

  • Unlimited profile likes, 
  • Favorites, 
  • Advanced filtering capability 

Everything is only $30/per year.

Besides that,  MillionaireMatch is completely FREE! You can join the most popular dating app MillionaireMatch to chat with others and most importantly, you won’t be interrupted by annoying ads.

How to flirt and chat with others on the MillionaireMatch dating app 

That’s the reason most millionaires are on the MillionaireMatch dating app because they want to use this site as their hunting ground for dating “up!”

You have to be realistic when it comes to dating a millionaire or being his wife. It simply is not true that most millionaires are looking for trophy girls who only love them because of money, fame, and power.

As a person who is still new in this online dating world, I have been meeting people with different backgrounds on MillionaireMatch. What impresses me most is that whatever their profiles say, they will present themselves better in real life. And here are what I would like to share with you:

People respond more when you show interest in them. 

For example: On my first meeting with an interesting guy, he told me about his hobbies and asked if I ever wanted to go hiking during my spare time. Instead of saying yes or no right away, I asked for more information about the trip. It proved that I was interested in him and then he started to introduce me to his social circle.

While chatting, never neglect your manners. 

What you say is how people meet you in real life. From time to time, it’s a good idea to compliment her/his appearance or presentation in a gentle way because it will make her/him happier and willing to meet you again. 

And don’t be too direct when asking for someone’s contact information because it may not be favorable from her/his point of view.

In terms of giving compliments

Don’t go overboard otherwise, you will come off as phony and insincere which can hurt other people’s feelings easily. Don’t forget that you are trying to meet someone, not win them over.


When messaging each other

Try to keep it brief and say more about yourself rather than asking questions all day long. 

And never send a message that contains too much random information that might come off as boring or annoying.

Such as 10 minutes long about quadratic equations or some scientific research to show that you are smart. 

In case you have an offline date with them

You can meet an Asian woman in public places, like café or restaurants, instead. However, I recommend you meet him somewhere that is well-lit and has security cameras for safety reasons.

Know the limit

The most important thing here is to try not to send too many messages back and forth before meeting each other which makes the other person feel like they are being harassed or stalked online. 

Make sure to have a clear schedule if you are busy so other people will not wait for days at a stretch for your meetup plan confirmation.

What’s more, meet in a public place to avoid any dangerous encounters. When dating online, it’s pretty easy for people to lie about their identity so always bring someone along with you or meet during the daytime since most crimes happen in the dark.

Lastly, if you meet someone in person

Always meet again because meeting one time is just not enough to see how compatible you two are together. 

Don’t be afraid to meet him multiple times to see if your relationship will last or not. And even though it’s nice to get physical early on by hugging and kissing each other, make sure to meet up again before doing anything sexual with her/him.

That’s about it! The more practice you do, the better you get over time like me ^_^ Good luck out there everyone!

How to create an impressive account on the MillionaireMatch dating app? 

Some guys might be intimidated by MillionaireMatch’s online dating site because of the choices and process. 

What photo should you choose? 

How do you fill out your questionnaire, and what information is important to include? 

Even after creating an account, users still ask: how can I impress my match — and get her interested in me? 

We’ll answer those questions here so that even beginners could create a great profile on this popular website for wealthy people.

Add some hobbies/interests to your bio section


Based on my expertise, I’d recommend asking questions that provide insight into a person’s hobbies and interests to get the most out of online dating. For example: 

What do you like to do when you are alone and free (besides watching TV)?

If you could meet one person in the world, living or dead, who would that be?

If you meet a Vietnamese woman, do you approach and get to know them?

I’ve included some of my favorites below. What are your favorite hobby questions to ask in an online dating questionnaire?

Create a cool username:

You now have a username! The app’s main demographic is one of your gender preferences so be sure to mention what you’re looking for in this section as well.

  • Use an English name to represent yourself

For you to create your own English name, think about what kind of person you are. Think about important values that resonate with who you are and the traits you would like to represent yourself in real life. 

For example:

“Hi, my name is Ann. What’s your name?”

“I’m Sarah,” she said. “Nice to meet you.”

These are both great choices for English names because they have nice meanings and can be used by everyone. If you’re a girl, Sarah means “noble,” whereas if you’re a guy, it means “the helper.”

Here are some names that you can use as inspiration:

Lucy – meaning light or day, refers to her as someone who possesses good qualities and will always bring the light into a situation. 

James – leader, a person with strength and a strong personality. 

Amy-loved one is a sweet name to use for someone who always puts others before themselves.


Believe it or not, your name can influence how people perceive you before they even get to know you. Use an English name that is representative of the kind of person you are! 

  • Use your real name

First of all, let us say that it is fine if you decide to use your real name since this site is mostly about “serious relationships”. 

After all, it is not recommended to use your pet name, your mom’s current nickname for you, your old nickname, or anything else that includes numbers or symbols.

If you have a free millionaire match dating login username that you don’t like anymore, just go to your user profile page and delete it by clicking the button saying “Delete this User Name”.

After deleting it, just choose a free millionaire match dating login username again and click the save button!

Moreover, changing your username is free of charge but only one time every 3 months.

Upload at least one selfie so they can see what you look like

A few more tips: 

  • Try different angles when taking selfies

Not every selfie is going to be perfect. Move around a bit and see what looks best on camera. Get your good side!! Nobody likes a profile with all the pictures of you from your bad side, nobody wants to date Quasimodo! Take pictures from different angles and in different lighting situations.

  • An even better idea is to get a friend to take some for you 

Not only will it give them more options, but if they want to swipe right on their own time and don’t have access to your profile (like when you’re not around) then at least they’ll see what kind of pictures you look like; The reviews from users in MillionaireMatch.



Most reviews about millionairematch are positive, supporting the fact that it is one of the safest and most trustable millionaires dating websites. No surprise that many millionaires have to meet quality people with similar goals and life experiences on this dating platform. We have checked some reviews from users of millionairematch, here is what they said about their experience:

“I was on different millionaire sites before, but I never felt part of the community. It always felt like the only place to meet and chat was their official website. Since I found millionairematch, everything has changed. People are more active here and they make you feel welcome from the first minute. It’s very simple to start a chat with single millionaires around me.” 

“This site is great for people who don’t have time or patience to meet people in bars or parties. You meet interesting people on millionairematch anytime, anywhere. It’s perfect for the busy executives who don’t have time to meet new people but still want to meet somebody.”

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As you can see from these reviews, some people are quite satisfied with their millionaire match experience. What’s more? They are offering a FREE membership trial that lasts forever until you meet your millionaire match! You should try it today.


The best dating app for Vietnamese singles MillionaireMatch is now available in the US. If you are looking to date a millionaire, find love with someone who shares your culture, or just want to meet new people then this application was made for you.

Our experts have analyzed the most popular dating apps in Vietnam and found that MillionaireMatch has been rated number one by our research team. But MillionaireMatch is the only app for rich people so you can also try these other apps on this list!