Lunch Actually: Curated Lunch and Conversation for Busy Professionals

What is Lunch Actually?

Lunch Actually is a dating company for people who want to meet new friends and find love in their lunchtime. Lunch Actually matches like-minded professionals with curated lunch dates that happen every week.

If you’re someone who feels like they don’t have enough social interactions outside work – then Lunch Actually could be just what you need! We provide lunch meetings between busy singles at our member’s offices every Wednesday at lunchtime.

How Does Lunch Actually Dating Service Work?

All you have to do is fill out your profile on our website, and we’ll take care of finding lunch dates that match your interests! Your lunch date will be delivered right to your office doorstep – all set up so there’s no hassle or stress involved. 

It’s not dating; it’s lunch! And don’t worry about whether you’ll have anything to talk about, lunch dates are a great way to get out of the office and break up your day but they’re not dating. 

Who Are Lunch Actually For?

Lunch Actually is available to anyone who needs more connection and networking in their life. We welcome all professionals from 

  • the 20s, 
  • 30s, 
  • 40s
  • and upwards! 

Our lunch buddies come from a wide variety of industries so you’ll never be bored with what’s on offer.  We provide fun and affordable lunch dating where all matches go through rigorous vetting before connecting.

Specifically, Lunch Actually has some serious lunch game going on; 12 lunches included per month with the option to invite someone along afterward too such as coffee catch-ups, etc. It’s easy because there’s no pressure from any one person

Why Should I Subscribe to Lunch Actually Dating Service?

  1. A lunch date can be a great way to meet someone new who might become friends or even more than that! Every potential match is carefully vetted by our team before being introduced which means we know what we’re doing here and it’s an excellent opportunity if all else fails in terms of finding love or making friends. 
  2. The only downside with Lunch Actually is its cost – especially if you live in London where things are notoriously expensive but this does come with 12 lunches included per month on top of the option to invite lunch buddies along – it also comes with access to 100+ profiles every month.
  3. If Lunch Actually is priced out of your range, we also offer lunch date memberships for three months ($200) or one year ($480).

Pros & Cons of Lunch Actually


  • Lunch Actually is a great way to meet new people, make friends or even find love! 
  • We’re only looking for lunch dates so there’s no pressure on either party as a result (unless they want it). 
  • All matches are carefully vetted by our team before being introduced which means we have some serious lunch game going on! 
  • Our monthly membership fee includes 12 lunch dates in total with the option to invite your lunch buddy along to other activities such as coffee catch-ups afterward. 
  • It also comes with complimentary access to all 100+ profiles on our database each month. 


  • Lunch Actually could be seen as an expensive investment when compared to many dating apps out there. 
  • We do offer lunch date memberships of three months or a year which are great value for money.
  •  With all dating agencies, there is always the risk that Lunch Actually might not be everything you hoped it would be and our prices reflect this level of commitment (though we’re also confident in your lunch experience).

Cost and membership options 

  1. The Lunch Actually membership starts at $49 per month. This basic package includes lunch dates every week, curated lunch meetings between busy singles each Wednesday lunchtime, a “matchmaker” to launch you up with another person who is also looking for lunchtime company (and hope), as well as the opportunity to meet other members through our social events if that’s your thing. 
  2. There are additional features available which include:
  •  professional matchmaking service during these matches ($249/month)
  • Or individualized dating coaching sessions from one of our Professional Matchmakers ($499/session). 

These can be added on individually or in packages depending upon what suits your needs best.


How do I get ready for the lunch date?

It’s simple really; all we ask is that you be punctual (arrive at least five minutes early) so as not to hold up your lunch buddy who has kindly chosen time out of their busy day to meet you. 

We also recommend being well-groomed and showing good manners during your lunch date – it’ll make things easier. 

What should I talk about on my lunch date? 

Any lunch-related topics are great to start a conversation, and we’re happy for you to share your lunch experience. We’ve found that lunch dates often lead to other activities such as new lunch buddies or coffee catch-ups so feel free to suggest these too!

How do I know if the person is interested? 

It’s important not to be discouraged by any ‘no’ responses from people on our database 

– it takes time (usually around four weeks) before someone will get back in touch with another potential date, though they won’t contact them again until after this wait has passed. 

This means that once you’ve been matched up with someone only one response should come within 24 hours of registration – but please don’t worry about this and give us a call if you need any more info.


FAQs about Lunch Actually Service

Q: What should I wear? 

A: Casual lunch attire is fine but no sandals or flip-flops, please. If you’re not sure how to dress, just think about what you might wear to lunch with a friend – some nice jeans and a shirt maybe?

Q: What are Lunch Actually lunch dates like?

A: Lunch Actually lunch date meetings are similar to any other lunch date because they’re usually between 20-30 minutes. 

The difference is that, instead of meeting at a restaurant or cafe, singles have the opportunity for their first lunch date in an environment where they don’t need to worry about taking up table space and can enjoy uninterrupted conversation without being interrupted by waiters. 

We ask our members what kind of food they want before sending them on a curated lunchtime event with someone around their age so there’s no chance of eating alone if it turns out you’ve got different tastes as far as food goes (or anything else for that matter). 

Q: How do Lunch Actually members meet? 

A: Lunch Actually lunch date meetings are coordinated through our company. When you sign up we’ll send a team member to your area for the first lunch date and they will stay with you as long as it takes so that you can find someone suitable! 

If this sounds like something that might benefit you, then we encourage everyone to sign up and have lunch dates with us!

Q: What are the major benefits?

A: Lunch Actually provides its members with access to professional matchmakers and gives busy professionals who don’t have time during typical lunch hours or people looking for something more than just a nightstand, another way to connect! 

It’s simple: You get to set up curated lunchtime meetings every week and also have access to professional matchmakers in case you need some help finding matches yourself!

This dating service curated lunches provide the perfect opportunity for singles to meet and chat with potential matches in their area during lunch hours. 

This makes it easy for those working long days or on tight deadlines to find someone special without having to worry about scheduling around work schedules. 

We hope you’ll visit our website and learn more about how we can help your single friends enjoy getting back into the dating game!  “Finding that person of interest” has never been easier than when you’re living life at such a fast pace – all thanks to us here at Lunch Actually!