How Do You Know If a Vietnamese Girl Likes You? – 10 signs

If you’re a foreigner living in Vietnam and want to know how to tell if a Vietnamese girl likes you, this article is for you. It will help answer the question “How do I know if she likes me?” by giving specific examples of what girls might say or do when they like someone. 

If she laughs at all your jokes, smiles often when talking with you, looks into your eyes while speaking, moves closer towards wherever you are sitting/standing, or touches any part of your body then it’s safe to assume that she has feelings for you! Read below for more detailed information.

The list of 10 signs for you to know a Vietnamese girl like you!


1. If the Vietnamese girl is shy, then it could mean that she’s into someone else but doesn’t know how to tell them yet.

If you notice a shy Vietnamese girl, it could mean they’re interested in dating but are too nervous to say anything.

If the first time you meet someone is at a party, then there’s no pressure and everyone just wants to have fun so people may feel more comfortable dancing or talk with others that seem interesting. If this person seems really into their conversation partner while also being very attentive to them as well (eavesdropping), chances are they’re not looking for any new friends-at least, not ones from across the room.

As an intern with the local Vietnamese Cultural Center, I have had the opportunity to meet some of the most interesting people. One particular person that caught my eye was a shy Vietnamese girl who never spoke up in any group discussions. But there were other ways she communicated her interest to me. For example, she would always make sure we sat next to each other at lunch and dinner events. 

Sometimes when delivering food or drink to my table, she lingered for a little too long before walking away; just waiting for me to notice what was in front of me on the table or if I wanted anything else from her tray. She also often crossed paths with me while walking around town during one of our work trips abroad. This is definitely a sign that she has a crush on me.

2. If she starts to touch your hair, that means she likes you too!

Vietnamese girls can be shy at first, but once they find a friend in you it’s hard to get them off your back. She is likely to touch your hair as a sign that she likes you. You may even notice her making eye contact with you or smiling at the same time!

If someone touches your head, it’s usually not because they want something from you. It could be an innocent brush of hands across the scalp while passing by in public transit, but if another person starts combing through strands of their own accord and does so for longer than what would normally occur during social niceties like this one-time event? 

That means there might be some interest brewing between two people who feel comfortable enough around each other to break out into personal space boundaries without any reservations whatsoever – which sounds great!


3. She may ask for your phone number or Facebook username.

You may be able to tell when a Vietnamese girl is interested in you because they will ask for your phone number, Facebook username, or other contact information. They are usually trying to get more knowledge about who you are and what kind of person that makes them want a relationship with someone like yourself.

You might know if a Vietnamese woman likes you based on whether she asks for your social media profile details such as email address and telephone number- it typically means that she wants to learn more about how interesting or unique an individual’s personality is so without having been given any first impressions whatsoever!

I’m usually just at work, or out with friends for the night. But when my new Vietnamese coworker came into the coffee shop where I was working on my laptop, she caught my attention and started walking towards me right away. When she got close enough to talk without yelling across the room, she said “Hi,” in Vietnamese (I had guessed from her first name). Then she pulled out a pen and paper from her pocket and asked if she could take down my number so we could chat later about languages together.

4. A Vietnamese woman may also ask for your opinion on things such as clothes and makeup.

There are many ways that Vietnamese women may show interest in you, one of which is by asking for your opinion on things such as clothes and makeup.

A Vietnamese woman might ask for your opinion on things such as clothes and makeup which can also indicate interest from their side. Sharing the same interests is a great way to get someone’s attention, but you should only go so far with this tactic before it becomes creepy! 

Sometimes she may ask about what kind of music or movies are popular in other countries. This means she probably wants to know more about people who live outside her country like yourself, so consider telling some stories that will show how different cultures differ while still finding common ground between them all.


5. When Vietnamese girl like someone, they usually tease them or gives them small challenges. 

Vietnamese culture is one that typically involves teasing and challenging the person you like.

I once had a friend who told me their trick for getting out of any situation they don’t want to be in: “Just say I’m not interested.” It turns out this old adage applies just as well when it comes to dating, especially if your date hails from Vietnam. 

When someone likes another, rather than confessing how he or she feels outright, there are certain things expected by both parties involved – namely some good-natured ribbing and plenty of small challenges thrown at each other until something serious emerges between them.

6. A Vietnamese girl might do something special for the person that they like.

Every culture has its own way of expressing love. For example, in Japan, it is customary to give a person you care about an anonymous gift on Valentine’s Day like chocolates or flowers. 

This tradition can be traced back hundreds and thousands of years ago when people would offer food as gifts during celebrations for the gods such as Buddha and other deities. In Vietnam, many girls show their affection by cooking something special for their loved one: perhaps they’ll prepare their favorite dish exclusively from memory!


7. She’ll make an effort to learn your language and culture

If you’re a white man in Vietnam, find out if the Vietnamese girl has feelings for you and then take her on dates to experience your culture. She’ll be more than happy to learn English just so she can talk with someone who’s interested in her country like that!

If it turns out this new friend of yours is into Westerners: don’t hesitate- introduce him or her as soon as possible because by doing so they will make an effort to learn about his language and culture.

8. Her friends show their support for the relationship.

In Vietnam, the women are often teased by their friends about being with a foreigner and then laugh together. They like him because they feel that this is a sign of acceptance in society.

In many Asian cultures such as Vietnamese culture, if her friends tease you for dating someone who’s not from your country while also laughing along to show that it doesn’t bother them or make them uncomfortable at all – this can be seen as an informal sign of approval within society. 

Moreover, It’s no secret that Vietnamese people are wary of foreigners, so when one is dating a foreigner it can be hard to make friends. They’re often teased for being different and her boyfriend would always laugh along with them as if he understood the joke. 

It made me mad sometimes because I knew how badly they were hurting my girlfriend on purpose just out of spite but now she seems content living in this bubble where everyone accepts her – even though there still isn’t anyone like herself around here.

9. She laughs at all your jokes, even if they are not fun.

A Vietnamese girl may laugh at all your jokes, even if they are not funny.

In a culture where the social hierarchy can be difficult to navigate and there is an emphasis on being polite, making someone else feel good becomes more important than feeling themself. 


This cultural norm has made it so that when one person in a conversation laughs rather than having his or her own opinion about something like politics, for example, everyone with him starts laughing too without understanding why.

There are some people in this world that just seem to be able to put everyone around them into a good mood. They have the ability to make others feel happy and comfortable which can sometimes lead someone else to let their guard down and open up about themselves with them.

When they realize what had happened or why such-and-such didn’t want any more of an interaction with us after we’d left for so long because something must’ve gotten said during our time together earlier on while no one was watching but still within earshot – there is always going to be a small part inside every person that wants validation from others.

10. If she likes you, she may not text or call you a lot, but she will reply to yours almost instantly

Vietnamese culture is very different one than the Westernized cultures of America. If you asked any girl in this country what their favorite thing about it was, they would say family and friends; because for them, those two things are so important to find sources of stability when everything else might be unstable. The way that girls show affection here can seem confusing or even downright flaky at times if you have not been around long enough to see how deeply ingrained these values really are

Therefore, when a Vietnamese girl likes you, she will show it by not texting or calling often. However, when they do contact you back for the first time in weeks- if that even happens at all their response is almost instantaneous.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my dating experience with Asian women so far…well besides how to pronounce words like “banh mi” and what noodles taste best dipped in peanut sauce (it’s boiled rice vermicelli), well anyway–if an Asian woman doesn’t text me much but responds quickly whenever I reach out? Yeah, buddy! She totally digs me!

A few tips that may help if you want to ask a Vietnamese girl on a date

  • Listen to her when she talks
  • Be patient with her – Vietnamese culture is very different than Western culture, so it may take time for a girl to show interest in you 
  • Don’t make any big moves too soon – this could scare away a Vietnamese girl who isn’t interested in dating yet
  • If she doesn’t want to be around you, she’ll avoid eye contact or quickly walk away from the conversation 
  • Vietnamese girls are very shy so they might not tell you how they feel about you but if they do show any interest in talking with you, then that means she likes you! 
  • You can also try giving them compliments because Vietnamese people love being complimented; 
  • But don’t expect anything in return because these compliments should be given without expecting anything back because otherwise it would be considered rude and disrespectful towards their culture; 
  • Another way to know whether or not a Vietnamese girl likes someone is by looking at what kind of gifts they give – this could mean that the person who gave them the gift is special enough for
  • Be yourself – don’t try too hard to impress her because then it will seem like you’re obsessed with her.

If you are a man who is not from Vietnam, there may be some cultural differences that make it difficult to know if she likes you. However, we have provided helpful tips on how to find out for sure and get her attention. So don’t feel discouraged! 

We hope these hints will help you in your quest to date a Vietnamese woman or girl successfully. Have any of our readers had success with this? Let us know about your story so others can learn from what has worked well for them too!