How to find rich men online free and paid 2023

Finding rich people for your life is a big question for a lot of girls in the world. The best way to do it is using dating apps but which dating app can work the most effectively? 

To answer the question “ which dating app can work when I’m looking for rich men or millionaires,” is difficult but in this article, we’ll help you to solve the problem of easily finding rich people online.


MillionaireMatch is the 1st dating app we recommend when you looking for wealthy people online. MillionaireMatch is an online dating platform where any individual that earns over $200,000 per year, can meet other exclusive members. Members of Millionaire Match can work as CEOs, professional models, celebrities, and other elite careers. It is a website best for people that wish to date someone with a similar wealthy lifestyle as their own.


Membership Costs:

  1. FREE standard membership.
  2. Gold Membership:
  • $70 per month (approximately $2.30 per day)
  •  $135 per 3 months (approximately $45.00 per month)
  •  $210 per 6 months (approximately $35 per month)  ·

All payments are made using credit card/ debit card/ charge card/ check card/ PayPal and Money Order.


Millionaire Match is an aesthetically pleasing website that is very easy to use. To become a member a person will need to supply:

  • Their name, 
  • Age, 
  • Email address, 
  • Income, 
  • Location. 

Questionnaires are then used to list further details such as appearance, preferences, education occupation, children, education, political and religious views, and a variety of other information. Members’ profiles can be edited with a short biography as well as photos and videos to display to other members.


  • MillionaireMatch is a professional and well-executed dating website with no negative aspects. 
  • One minuscule flaw, however, is that there is no video chatting available on the website.

What are the differences between free members and gold members?


With a free membership, 

  •  People can send instant messages, send free weeks and send emails although they cannot initiate emails with other members. 

Furthermore, free memberships do not allow people to become certified millionaires.

A Gold membership has numerous benefits:

  • Being able to search for certified and gold members only. Advanced search and priority in the search listing. 
  • Able to send unlimited emails to any member and whether they have been read or not. 
  • Send instant messages to other members and can initiate the conversation. 
  • Create a private album and select which members can have access to it. 
  • Can access a counselor by email and live chat.
  • Search members based on their income.

As a gold member, 70 USD is not much cost when you are going to date a rich man online and receive many free benefits from him. MillionaireMatch has a consumer rating of 2.61 stars from 100 reviews.

For more info, click here before using the app.


A wealthy male looking for an attractive female or an attractive female looking for a wealthy male, either way, your search can be ended here; at this site called This site was opened 13 years ago. 

Hence undeniably is one of the largest and most trusted sites out there in the Sugar daddy and sugar baby world. It not only boasts of a large membership but also beholds a wide variety and great features to look for.


1. Creating a Profile

Creating a profile on is a simple process. Initially, you can create a simple profile with your mail id on Facebook and browse through the site. You can fill in the details and add a photo at a later stage. 

However, do keep in mind that this site does not:

  •  Let you add fake photos or porn photos. In case of such acts, the account user can be reprimanded. 

You can also mention what you are looking for like a casual fling, mutual benefit relationship, long-term relationship, etc. 

Thus a user gets a clear picture of what the other person is looking for. 

Your profile will go through a verification process of 24 hours before getting posted on the site.

2. Fees

Usage of is free for certain features only. To enjoy better benefits one must upgrade their membership by paying a certain amount of fees on a monthly basis. 

You can make the payment through PayPal, Credit Card, or Checks. The charges, unlike many other websites, are a tad bit on the higher end. 

But this will definitely keep the scammers away. Thus this site has more authentic profiles. Members who have upgraded to Gold membership will be designated account managers who will help them understand the site and its features and utilize it better.

Subscription prices on the website and mobile site:  

1-month subscription:     $50

3 months subscription:  $90

6 months subscription:  $144

Subscription prices on iOS and Android apps:

1-month subscription:     $64.99

3 months subscription:    $99.99

6 months subscription:    $159.99

3. Features


This site offers a number of unique features you can look for ‘first date gifts’ ideas mentioned by other members.  It asks the sugar daddies to verify their income, age, and photograph,s, etc which keeps the scammers at bay. Now that you have known where to find a rich man online safe and effective.

Even dating tips and advice from other sugar daddies and sugar babies are available on

 4. Privacy Policy takes its privacy policy very seriously. All your personal information is encrypted and will be shown only to the members whom you wish to show. You can also report any abusive or fraudulent account and action will be taken immediately.

To conclude, this is an easy-to-use fun website that guarantees sweetness in your life just as its tagline: “sugar makes life sweeter“’. With its authentication process and privacy policy, one doesn’t have to be worried about scammers.

“This is one of the top-rated websites to get your perfect sugar daddy or sugar baby.”


What do people mean when they say ‘elite’? The term elite can be defined as a group of people who are considered to be superior based on ability and quality. is a dating site for exactly that – it brings in people with apparent qualities and abilities in order to find a unique match based on those key qualities and abilities.


Who uses EliteSingles?

Well-educated and professional singles use EliteSingles as a way of finding that perfect relationship. Even millionaires and super-rich singles come to EliteSingles in the hope to meet someone who shares similar interests to a person’s persona. Millionaire singles and rich singles often find that finding love is a difficult task. 

Of course, everyone can struggle of finding and keeping that all-important person. However, millionaires and the rich want to ensure that they find someone who not only shares similar interests but shares a genuine desire to find a relationship as opposed to being about money.

What benefits of using EliteSingles?

EliteSingles is a fantastic website that allows for filtered searches to be made in the hope to find a person their ideal mate. 

Similar to the way in which other dating sites work, people are required to list their criteria, write about themselves and create a personal dating profile. 

However, EliteSingles goes above and beyond to find everyone a perfect match by using that personal information to filter people that may be of interest to them. A great way to save time and energy, don’t you think?  

There is the controversy behind the ethics of the site and people are concerned with the term lite’? Should people feel superior to others simply because of job status or how well-educated they are? 

Despite the controversial debates surrounding the website, it’s clear that many users of the site consider EliteSingles to be a much more professional way of online dating. It is not hard to meet a rich guy and date him now, isn’t it?

The people you may find on EliteSingles?

People who sign up for EliteSingles tend to be searching for a genuine relationship or companionship; something that is often missing with other dating sites.  

If you are thinking about online dating, and you want to be a serious contender, then head over to the official EliteSingles website, and sign up for a free trial period to see how you get on but before that, don’t miss this detailed review!

Seeking Arrangement

SeekingArrangement is a perfect dating website that introduces wealthy men to young women that have an eye set on a luxurious lifestyle. This website makes it easier for people to find their ideal partner without having to deal with miscommunication and unmet expectations. 


This is done by having all members clearly state what they are seeking in a partner on their dating profile. Doing so allows all members to seek a dating arrangement that satisfies the expectations of all parties involved.  

How to create an account on the Seeking Arrangement dating site?

Signing up is quick and easy whereby members merely need to clarify their gender, and whether they are a sugar daddy or sugar baby, along with further basic information needed to build a dating profile. There are options to put in further information such as lifestyle, income, and wealth as well as appearance and personal description. 

Once a profile is 100% complete, you are able to initiate a message with another member and find your wealthy man online, and freely connect with him. Each new account goes through a background verification process that allows verified accounts a higher priority.

Special features for users only on this site

The matching system is different for both sugar daddies and sugar babies. Sugar daddies can view a sugar babe’s page and see their lifestyle expectations as well as their ideal partner’s minimum earning amount. 

In contrast, sugar babies can see their ideal sugar daddy’s income first before accessing further information. The home page displays three different groups of possible matches; featured, new, and background checked, however for a more personal approach there is a search option that can be customized with filters.  

Members can contact one another using messages or chat sessions. In order for a member to initiate a message, their profile needs to be 100% complete and they have to be a premium member.

Premium Membership Costs

Prices for SeekingArrangement are quite high and are as follows:

·1 Month Plan = $69.95USD p/m

·3 Months Plan = $59.95USD p/m

·6 Months Plan = $49.95USD p/m


Members are verified. Accessible anytime on mobile apps ·Minimalistic design makes the website easy to use.


Membership is pricey. Should be more features, especially given the price.

OnLuxy is a website that connects attractive and wealthy singles. It is more than a website dedicated to dating, specifically designed for millionaires who want to find their soulmate. 

All profiles are verified before being accepted, with 41% of the users earning more than 1 Million Dollars per year.

The advantages of this dating site

Therefore, the website targets a certain category, and it raises its standards in order to be able to do so. 

  • Onluxy dating site comes with 24/7 customer support, so that users can receive feedback and dating advice whenever required.
  • An anti-scam system blocks the ones with fraudulent intentions or impure motives.
  • The filters can be further refined from the individual profile, once the account is created and accepted by moderators.
  • Although wealthy people are not restricted to living in a certain city or location, OnLuxy provides users with the ability to connect with partners in their area.
  • A meeting is not enforced, and members are able to choose to meet only when attraction and interest are established. For as long as the attraction is on both sides, users can communicate and meet easier, since they both live in the same area.

Anyone who is into the dating game in the upper class should consider joining OnLuxy, since it helps them find someone with a similar lifestyle and mindset.  

It’s also important to mention that wealthy people on the website can choose to meet with other singles from other cities, states, and even from different continents, as long as the interest is reciprocal and the intentions are clear.

The disadvantages

  • The profile should be designed to contain more personal info.
  • OnLuxy offers higher fees than most dating services
  1. The system is divided based on needs:

Dating for the wealthy, based on preference. Those who deem themselves wealthy persons can join Onluxy, where they can find various like-minded individuals who are also great looking. 

The website is further split into several categories such as:

– Interracial dating, 

– Elite dating, 

– Senior Dating, 

– Single Women Dating, 

– Fitness Singles Dating, 

– and Wealthy Dating.

OnLuxy is one of the best millionaire dating sites around since it features manually-verified profiles and members with the highest incomes. Those who find themselves in this category can join the website, for further instructions on how to use Onluxy effectively, click here.

With OnLuxy, everyone has a chance for accomplished love. You may be able to find yourself a rich man to date online even if you are in Vietnam and he is in South Africa.


These dating apps are not the only places where you can find your ideal partner. Trust me! There are other alternatives if you want to check out such as Vietnam Dating Platforms or Singaporean Dating Apps and Sites!

Thank you for spending your time on our website and I hope that you will find the information help to enhance your experience with the finding for rich men online free and paid 2023 in these apps and sites.