Real Love Search: What Inside Top 10 Popular Vietnamese Dating Apps and Sites!

In these recent years, Vietnam has become one of the most attractive dating markets for foreigners. Vietnamese women possess great wife-materials which are suitable for a perfect family symbol. 

During this COVID time, the only way to connect Vietnamese singles is through these top 12 best dating apps and sites! 

The hottest list of dating apps and sites in Vietnam 


A popular dating application that is mostly used by young adults. 

Dating Vietnamese Online Apps
Dating Vietnamese Online Apps

The app is free and easy to use with a simple design. Moreover, what you may find on this app is more than a serious relationship. 

You may swipe left to refuse and swipe right to agree to chat with them, maybe this feature can be found on many online dating services, Tinder is the the first app that came up with this function. 

In order to create more convenience to users, Tinder has introduced several new features which you can check out through this detail review about Tinder:


A website that is free for using and widely known as the longest and largest dating site in Vietnam at the moment.

Foreigners Dating In Vietnam
Meet Beautiful Vietnamese Girls Online

This dating site has a classic design that makes it easy for users from all ages to use, even when you are not a technology fan.

You will be surprised by how many enthusiastic and pretty Vietnamese ladies are on this site. For more facts about this site, check here:


This dating app is where many young Vietnamese join to look for an ideal relationship. People enjoy the protective environment which specifically prevents people from posting unsuitable pictures, messages and behaviors.

Popular Dating apps and sites in Vietnam
YMeetMe is where your love story begins

During certain periods, the app will eliminate accounts which it marks as inactive or suspicious so you don’t need to worry about the scammers. 

It also has a “24-hour random chat” for strangers to get to know each other for 24 hours and after that you can decide whether you want to continue chatting with them or not through giving a “like”.

In fact, check out this article for a full review before entering the app:


The website is actually a place where university students gather for chatting and dating. It is free and you don’t need to download to use it.

Most popular dating apps in Vietnam
OKCupid is full of Vietnamese and Asian singles

All you need to do is a hot profile of yourself and send some texts to the girls or boys you like. There is no doubt you will get connected with them in no time.

In case, you need an instruction on how to impress hot Vietnamese singles on this website, check out this link.


The name is cute and so the app is actually made for people who are 18 to 35 to look for a decent and mature relationship. 

Come to CoffeemeetsBagel to find your ideal mate

It is not about swiping, the system will help to find the amount of suitable candidates for you instead. You just simply need to interact with their profiles and if they do the same then you guys are free to chat.

It is really special because you will be given a certain amount of time to connect with the other one and find a way to stay in touch outside the app. 

To find out about what others think about CoffeeMeetsBagel as well as how to find real love on this popular dating app, check out this link:


vietnam free dating site for foreigners
Meet Beautiful Vietnamese Singles Here!

Vietnamese girls who have a stable career will likely choose to use this website to look for foreigners who are like them.

The website have many categories that are arranged by age:

_ Vietnamese women ( 21-30 )

_ Vietnamese women ( 30+ )

It’s hard to find decent Vietnamese singles here using the “ Browse Vietnamese Singles ” tool. 

More features will be explained carefully through this link: 


Best dating website in Vietnam for expats
AVo for Young Vietnamese Girls, Looking for love.

This community offers people to look for their real love despite age, gender and appearance.

It may be new to many people but with private policy, you can enjoy finding your mate without worrying about leaking info.

Free chatting and you can converse with that person as long as you wish and in case you notice something wrong with the other profiles, feel free to report.

I think it is better to check out what other people review about this website before using: 

Facebook Dating

It is true that FB has found another way to connect people easier, through this feature, you can create your own dating profile. 

One of the benefits of this function is that you can secretly confess your feelings to your crush. And if your crush feels the same with you, you guys will be automatically connected.
Don’t worry about your FB info getting leaked, FB has taken care of it for you. To know more about the other benefits you can get through this feature, check out this link:


Free Vietnam dating mobile app
Grindr is a love paradise for LGBT+

This is one of the most famous dating app for LGBT+ community where people can meet up with other who are living nearby or in the same country as them.

This app allows you to send not only texts and photos, you can also send your geo-location pictures as well.

You can discover many single Vietnamese girls and guys and show your interest to them on 3 levels: looking – friendly – hot. 

You may notice how people react to your profile and pictures through their emoticons. Visit this link to find out whether this app is suitable for you or not:


best free Vietnam dating app
Jack’d is where love embarks

Similar to Grindr, Jack’d is widely favored by LGBT+ community as the its supportive features which help people to connect despite their culture, race and color.

The application will base on your info and standards to recommend ideal “partners” for you globally. 

The support system is working 24/24 to assist you in case you have problems with other users or the app itself.

Jack’d offers a feature that will inform you whenever there is someone who shows interest in your profile. 

It only takes minutes to master this app and find your real love through this detail review: 

All in all, Vietnam is facing a serious issue related to Covid pandemic, but that does not mean that you should stop looking for love. Thanks to these top 10 high-quality dating apps and sites, Vietnamese singles and foreigners can connect and start many romantic relationships.

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