EliteSingles for Vietnamese: 5 Top Advices For New Members!

If you’re looking for love and want to make sure your potential matches are vetted by professionals, EliteSingles for Vietnamese could be worth checking out. 

They claim to have taken “a scientific approach to matchmaking,” so if you’re tired of swiping left and right all day long without any luck, maybe this is the way forward. Get your Asian soulmates. 

Who is eligible for EliteSingles?

  • On EliteSingles you’re expected to be over 18 years of age, as we provide a safe online dating environment for adults. If you’re looking for love under 18, check out our sister sites JustSayHi or Teen dating as they offer a fun non-committal environment for teenagers.
  • We won’t ask you to fill out questionnaires as we have found they are time-consuming as well as ineffective as it is really hard to define what you’re looking for in a partner by answering multiple choice questions. 
  • While our members come from all walks of life, most tend to be educated as well as ambitious people who want to find a committed relationship as they are busy with their careers and have no time for playing games.
  • EliteSingles is the site for you as not only do our members tend to be career oriented but also educated people who are as picky as you are when looking for a partner.

How to create a great profile to attract Vietnamese people?

If you don’t make a good impression with your profile on Asian dating sites such as EliteSingles or MillionaireMatch or Onluxy, it will be really hard for Vietnamese people to find potential matches and have the best experiences in serious relationships. Pull out all the stops and demonstrate some of your qualities or interests that would attract singles to this site!

You should only use a few lines to describe yourself on an Asian dating site. You must specify the constraint in the information section so that people with similar personalities can find you more easily and vice versa. First, you must be yourself online by describing your appearance including height, weight, and occupation. For example: “I am slim, 157cm tall, without children, a medical worker who likes to travel around the world”.

Second, you must list your hobbies that are related to what you do. For example: ” I love playing badminton or soccer on the weekend with my friends”

Third, you should talk about yourself positively in your bio or in free online chat rooms. For example: “I love children and would be a great mother. I am patient, kind, and friendly”.


Last but not least, you must list the things you want in your future partners such as age, occupation, and location. For example: “I do not care about where you live or how old you are. I just want to find someone who is responsible, kind, and passionate.”

People tend to be attracted to people who look like them, so if there is someone similar with shared interests then it’s bound to help even before messages come into play since they know what kind of person you’re looking for without having spoken yet! 


“Professional, loyal, and ambitious single guy looking for an intelligent dating partner who is ready to settle down as Asian dating.”

“My name is John and I am an Asian dating site member looking for the best in light, serious relationships. As someone passionate about discovering new worlds as an Asian, I enjoy traveling to different countries around Asia. Feel free to DM me!”

“Lovely Asian girl seeks a tall, educated gentleman as Asian dating.”

One strategy you can use to attract potential mates is by sharing some of your own interests and hobbies. If someone shares similar interests, they are much more likely to reply than if they don’t have anything in common with you as far as likes or dislikes go.

Are there any scammers or gold diggers on EliteSingles?

In an effort to help users better protect themselves from potential dating scams, we take a look at the people who use these sites.

Scammers are usually after one thing: your money! If you think there are scammers that actually work on millionaire dating sites, then they probably are. Here’s a short list of signs that indicate dating site gold diggers or scammers may be around the corner:

  • They set up fake profiles on popular online dating sites.
  • They charm their victims into buying them presents or sending large sums of money by lying about needing it for emergencies such as hospital bills etc.
  • While online dating is a great way to meet people, some dishonest members may set up multiple accounts in order to reach as many matches as possible.
  • When you are talking with someone who claims they’re from another country but their stories seem inconsistent and full of holes, it might be that the person is lying about living far away when really within driving distance.

Advantages of joining EliteSingles

Are you looking for the best way to have the best serious relationship on an Asian dating site that can conquer the distance? Then you should definitely try this high-quality dating platform.

  • EliteSingles is your answer as it has the highest success rate compared to other Asian dating sites. According to the survey, the elite dating website in Australia has around 200000 registered members in 2012 alone! Are you surprised? I know you are! So far, it is reported that only 8.5% of them were single. The rest are either married or traveling overseas for business or vacations.
  • This site has helped to create many long-term relationships and marriages for all ages! EliteSingles will display you in a better light and increase your chances of finding love through the use of this website based on ethnicity.
  • EliteSingles is an Asia online dating site that has the highest success rate and a better system than other sites to avoid scams. How? Because all profiles are manually verified by the team in order to ensure only real people with serious intentions join this community of singles looking for love.
  •  Being available in 25 languages ​​as well as offering dating sites for different religions, EliteSingles has managed to become one of the most popular Asian Dating Sites.
  •  The site also offers 24/7 customer support so no one has to feel alone when they need help. Our team is available around the clock! We know how trying it can be to find a partner on your own and this makes us want to make searching easier for everyone involved. 
  • EliteSingles offers many more features that will improve your chances of meeting someone special in Asia with ease using: “Our efficient search tools“, “Compatibility tests” and “Chat Options“ that are accessible from any device at anytime

Disadvantages of joining EliteSingles

EliteSingles is one of the dating sites with the highest success rate in Singapore. However, there are downsides when using this website as your partner so be sure you know how to avoid these especially if you’re looking forward to having an affair through it!

– Although EliteSingles as an online dating site in Singapore is one of the best, it fails to provide certain key features that are provided by other websites as well as dating apps like Tinder or Badoo. 

For example, No option for users to upload pictures as profile pictures which makes it very difficult for others to find you.

– Membership fees vary by how long users sign up for, but they start at $34.95 per month and go down to as low as $19.98 if the user signs up for six months or more. 


How to chat with Vietnamese girls and boys on EliteSingles

Don’t say too much, or too little

Vietnamese people are very friendly. If you ask them questions about themselves or their culture, they will give you a lot of attention because it shows that you’re interested in not only the person but Vietnamese as well. 

For example, if I asked my friend “Do you have any photos from your recent trip?”, instead of just saying “Show me some photos”, then this is already a more meaningful question. Because that means I am also interested in her and her background even though I only text through free online chat rooms in Vietnamese.

Clarify with them straightly if you feel they are asking weird questions 

When a Vietnamese person teases you, don’t be offended. It’s just their culture and they aren’t trying to offend you – it is how they are brought up. 

Also, you may encounter many Vietnamese who are straightforward and curious, Vietnamese are very interested in foreign cultures and appearances.

The introduction should be carefully invested

Dating Vietnamese people can be hard if you don’t know what makes them tick. With these great tips from EliteSingles, it will become easier!

  • Ask her about the town she grew up or lived with close members of their community during your conversation at the beginning for something interesting that happened there before moving on to lighter topics like hobbies
  • Asking about the work you and your Vietnamese friend do will create a great conversation, leading her to believe that millionaire dating sites actually work. You could ask how she got into her line of work, or what difficulties come with it. If possible, help her figure out ways to get through those troubles as well!
  • If you are looking for someone who loves to travel and go on outdoor activities, try sending photos of places that have caught her interest. Talk about the place during your conversations together so she can feel more comfortable with you first before planning a trip out-of-state or country!
  • Vietnamese women appreciate a man with humor and interests. Around seven-eighths of our female members say these are the things that matter most to them in a partner, so tell her funny stories if you read or hear some good ones!
  • Flirting with what stories

One way to chat with a dating site for the highest success rate is to discuss stories. You can start off a happy and boring conversation that will likely keep the two of you interested in each other by talking about these examples: 

a. “I’m new to town, where’s a fun place to hang out?”

This opener works for every Vietnamese, guys will have their chance to brag about how they remember and know every single spot in the city (and some men like dragging their dates to shady bars with two-for-one cocktail offers). 

But if your potential date is female, then this question will appeal to her as she can show off how knowledgeable she is about the place as well as give suggestions as to where interesting bars and clubs are located.

dating-in -vietnam

b. “What kind of music do you like?”

This elite dating app works best with guys as men and is designed for wealthy people who tend not to lean as much towards big city nightlife as women do so it’s more probable that they spend their time either at home or relaxing in some laid-back bar

Asking them what music they enjoy listening to will give away their age as some decades-old songs might slip out. 

(most older Vietnamese people grew up during the Vietnam war as well as the cold war) as well as their personality as different genres of music represent different lifestyles.

c. “How long have you been single?”

Since this opener is directed at women, it shows interest in the person’s personal life and may also reveal whether they are looking for something more than just a one-night stand. 

You can ask them about their last relationship which will lead to talking about what went wrong with that past partner so you can avoid those mistakes.

d. “What do you want in a partner?”

This is a perfect question as it puts the ball firmly in your date’s court as they get to decide what they’re looking for. As well as letting them know that you really want the best for serious relationships on Asian dating sites and you care about them more than just a one-night stand. 

If they mention faithfulness, loyalty, and trust as qualities their future partner must have then perhaps showing yourself off as someone who has these traits will make you even more attractive. 

What are the benefits of upgrading your account?


If you want to see as many profiles as possible and allow as many members as possible to contact you, as well as view your profile and upload more pictures, upgrading your account will be a worthy investment.

What extra features? 

A lot of dating sites offer the chance to upgrade for a fee. This will give you access to a range of additional benefits, such as: 

  • Being able to message people who aren’t in your geographical area or 
  • See who has already viewed your profile. 
  • Allow members to contact you.
  • Reply to messages as long as we can keep the inbox open! 

On the EliteSingles dating site, ensure that you will have the highest success rate. So, as a free member, you can still send and receive messages (and even reply to them for as long as we can keep the inbox open!) You’ll also be able to upload 9 images and view the profiles of elite singles in your area. 

Some extra questions about EliteSingles?

Do you have millionaire singles as profile matches on EliteSingles?

You might have seen some of these Millionaire Singles as your potential matches on EliteSingles, but if not – what are you waiting for? 

In fact, there are millions of wealthy people on there, trying to find their long-term significant other through this dating service. Just give it a try and who knows? Maybe you will end up finding an ideal lover. 

In case, EliteSingles disappoint you, we have other options to track down your wealthy lover here.

How to date millionaire men and women on EliteSingles?

It’s one to feel intimidated when you’re dating a millionaire single who has all that glitters in his or her life. Millionaires don’t have as much time as everyone else, as they are busy climbing up the career ladder or leading a business, so be ready to make it as smooth as possible.

 If you can’t meet them in person for whatever reasons, send them an email with your picture attached and be as friendly as you can, as millionaires are always looking for their perfect match as well as someone who can make their life as smooth as possible as they juggle business and family.

What to do on a first date?

If you’re lucky enough to win over your millionaire partner, then it’s time to start planning for that first date. You can start with at least an expensive lunch or dinner, then maybe move on to the opera or theatre as evening activities if that is what they prefer (and of course your wallet allows you).

Ladies & Gentlemen, if you are looking for a man who is more traditional or conservative in his views on dating and relationships then EliteSingles might be the site for you. The majority of users on this site identify as being straight-laced with very few “swingers” among them. 

This means that most men here are not willing to engage in casual sexual encounters or frequent one-night stands which can make things more comfortable for women who want something less chaotic than what they may find on other international dating sites.