An Honest Review of the Bumble Dating App

This means that if you’re on Bumble as a man, you can’t message any woman until she messages you first – and vice versa! What does this mean? It means that Bumbles users are much more serious about what they’re looking for in a relationship. So how do we think this affects its success rate? Well, let’s find out in our honest review of Bumble today!

What is a Bumble Dating App?

Bumble dating app to meet hot Singaporeans
Bumble dating app to meet hot Singaporeans

Bumble is a dating app with a difference. Bumble for men and Bumble for women are two separate apps, but the basic process of Bumble is the same across both platforms. Bumble sets itself apart from other dating apps by making it so that you have to initiate contact in order to be matched with someone. 

Bumble dating app is an online dating application founded by Whitney Wolfe. The bumble dating app was launched on December 25, 2014 and has been available for both iOS and Android devices since September 22, 2015. 

The Bumble Dating App offers use-specific features such as:

  •  Profiles that only show up after having contacted them through “bumble” which will be described below (and vice versa), 
  • 24/hour customer support who can ban or block any user at any time if they have behaved inappropriately towards other members, 
  • Verification processes to ensure that the person you are communicating with is who they say they are 
  • And a BFF feature which allows users to find friends on Bumble in order for them to use Bumble free of charge or vice versa.

Bumble Bizz is the sister app to Bumble which was launched in 2018. Bumble Bizz allows users to link their business account with a dating profile, so that they can meet new people who are also involved in their industry and network more effectively at events and conferences.

What does Bumble mean & some common concerns

Bumble means a woman who speaks her mind and refuses to be silenced or ignored, especially by men; it also means the female of any bird that makes a loud clattering noise at mating time.  

What happens if I don’t reply within 24 hours after someone contacts me on Bumble? 

You’ll get ghosted – not just from one person but you could start seeing people stop messaging you altogether because they know that you’re either not worth their time or maybe another annoying man who won’t take the hint! 

Should I use this dating app?

 It really depends what kind of experience you want with a dating app – Bumble is a great option if you’re looking to connect with more women and don’t mind that some conversations may end up being sexual.

Features of Bumble Online Dating App

–  When you first open up Bumble for men or women, there’s an option on the top right hand side where it says “Match” – this takes your Facebook pictures from when you signed up, as well as other information like what school you went too and how old you are now, etc., then matches them with similar people living close by.

–  If someone likes your photo enough (you get one free “like” a day), Bumble will let you know and then it’s up to the woman if she wants to message him or not.

– If he doesn’t get any messages from women in 24 hours, Bumbling will throw ads at him for some other dating apps they think he might be interested in 

– There are certain features on Bumble that allow users to better customize their experience with the app by setting preferences such as “religion”, “age range preference”, “ethnicity”, “occupation” and more.

– Bumbling is a free online dating app for foreigners to meet single Singaporeans. You can sign up without giving any personal information other than your first name or you can use Facebook to link it with Bumble which will make signing in easier when using the app.

What about Bumble for men? 

  • Men on Bumble are given two hours to make a move, which helps avoid uncomfortable situations where they feel pressured into making light of sexual advances that he’d rather not pursue. 
  • But this comes with a downside; it’s been reported by Business Insider that women will swipe left and ghost on men because “they know if I don’t reply within 24 hours then you’re probably either not worth my time or maybe just another annoying man who won’t take the hint.” 
  • There is also some concern among users as to whether Bumbles really want its male members.

Pros and Cons of Bumble: 

The benefits from meeting singles on Bumble
The benefits from meeting singles on Bumble


  • Bumble is free. It’s more difficult than Tinder because there are less people on the app – but that means it will be easier to find matches. 
  • There is also no pressure when starting conversations with those you match with since men have two hours before their messages expire.
  • Bumble dating app offers women control over who they want or don’t want to interact with, 
  • It has an algorithm that filters and matches people based on interests and geographical location.
  • Bumble dating app is only available for females so there’s no risk of unwanted interactions 


  • Bumble offers 12 hours before you have to decide whether or not you want to match with someone which can lead to missed opportunities. 
  • Bumble does not offer the same amount of features as other apps such as BFF or Tinder.
  • One downside we found was that many Bumble users say they feel pressured into having sexual relationships.

Tips for using Bumble: 

– Make your profile as accurate and descriptive as possible in order to get more matches. Bumble suggests you use a few well-lit, current pictures of yourself so other users can see who they’re talking to. 

– Be honest with what it is that you’re looking for when writing your profile; this way Bumble’s algorithms will be able to match you up better.

– Not everyone has the same idea about being upfront or ‘honest’ on dating apps such as Bumble, but if that’s something which would make you feel comfortable then go ahead!

– Be nice, follow the guidelines of the app (e.g., don’t message someone too often etc.), following up after each match seamlessly by getting back into conversation within 24 hours or less.

An Honest Review of Bumble Dating App 

Bumble dating platform has been designed to encourage more conversations than actual dates or relationships. Its design forces people into starting face-to-face interactions where one person cannot make all the moves forward without getting some feedback from their potential date/match.

Bumble also has a feature that lets Bumblers swipe with their friends so they can find matches together and maintain the quality of conversation- one would then be able to make sure that all those match are people who share similar interests in terms of hobbies, careers etc.,

Bumble is an amazing way to meet new friends and potential partners in life; it’s only been around since 2014 so if you’re looking for something that provides greater opportunities than other apps then Bumble should be on top of your list. 


Bumble is confident to be one of the best dating platforms where professional singles across the world use to look for their potential girlfriend/boyfriend, including Asian people. 

You can check out for yourself and I believe you won’t be able to take your eyes off this wonderful app. Besides Bumble, there are several popular dating apps and sites where you can check their detailed reviews here on our website.